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Group Trip to Amsterdam, 27 April 2014

At last the weather is beginning to look a little better, and everyone thoughts turns to flying on lovely clear days.
Stars Fly team would like to suggest a date and initial destination for Sunday flyout/ Group trip. The aim will be to try and keep the pace relaxed and the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Our first group trip will be to Amsterdam, on Sunday the 27th of April. Probably not the easiest foreign trip but the best to start on. It is the ideal opportunity to get a cross channel check out at a reduced rate, as we can rotate pilots on each leg with an instructor as safety pilot. It’s also a great way to increase your confidence in flying further afield.

To register your interest, contact Malcolm Montgomery on or alternatively call the club, so we can organize aircraft

We aim for this to become a regular monthly event with the idea of trying a different destination each time gradually building up confidence and an appetite for some adventure…..Holland, Belgium, Northern France and Southern Ireland, all being future possible destinations.

For the Amsterdam trip, we will be leaving at approximately 8.00am local time (Each leg is 3.00 to 3.15hrs approx) in order to get the chance to spend a few hours in the town centre to enjoy the local food and some shopping.
If you think that a day trip is not enough to see all you want in Amsterdam, we can easily convert it to an overnight trip and stay in a hotel. If someone wishes this kind of trip please let Malcolm knows.

If the weather does not co-operate on the day by giving us an absolute minimum visibility of 5km, a minimum cloud base en route of 1500 feet agl and winds of less than 15kt, then we don’t go. It’s supposed to be fun!