Price Structure

Training rates Per hour
Cessna 2 seater * £205.00
Cessna 2 seater 10 hour block * £195.00
Piper 4 seater * £225.00
Piper 4 seater 10 hour block * £214.00
Instructor only (training in your own aircraft) £60.00
Ground lessons (can be shared by students) £40.00
Elstree Airfield landing / circuit fees £7.50 / £24.00

* The dual flight training rate is inclusive of: aircraft hire, instructor, fuel
** Home landing/circuit fees are charged only for training flights and may vary in accordance with the Aerodrome policy

Self-Fly hire rates Per hour
Cessna 2 seater £160.00
Cessna 2 seater block rate £152.00
Piper 4 seater £175.00
Piper 4 seater block rate £166.00

Membership Rate
Annual £120.00
6 Months £60.00
3 Months £30.00

All pilots must be members to be insured.
Paid up members are entitled to insurance cover, use of briefing and office facilities, headset and emergency equipment loan and club events and newsletters.

Other fees (flight tests and exams)

Service Fee
Written exams (per paper) £39.00
RT Practical Test £110.00
Flying Skills Test * £220.00
IMC Flight Test * £185.00
SEP Renewal Flight Test ** £190.00
Student Groundpack *** £170.00

* Excludes Aircraft Hire Charge
**Licence Revalidation at the end of the 2-year validity period is charged as 1 hour dual flight with an instructor plus CAA administration
*** Student Groundpack contains all the books, practice papers and other accessories required for the course

All prices are inclusive of VAT. A cancellation fee of £30.00 may be charged if a lesson
is cancelled by a student with less than 24 hours notice.

Advance payments: Refunds are available up to one year after the payment is made.