Our Team

The Club prides itself on the dedication and enthusiasm of its staff and instructors.

Our instructors are always available to guide and mentor our students, firmly enforcing flying values and establishing long term legacies in creating safe, well-trained pilots.

Stojan Percuklievski, Accountable Manager

Stojan is the Club's founder and Accountable Manager.
He earned his Flight Instructor rating in 2008 at Cranfield and began his instructional career with Firecrest Aviation. He has completed in excess of 7000 instructional hours. He oversees all club activities at Stars Fly Flying Club and handles all legal and compliance requirements with the Civil Aviation Authority.
Rob Spencer, Head of Training

Rob has over 6000 instructional hours, teaching PPL, CPL, ME, IR. In addition to routine instructing, he specialises in training qualified pilots to become Flight Instructors, on a dedicated one to one basis (airborne and ground school). Rob inspires student pilots so they achieve real results, to meet their aspirations, in a timely and economical way.
Julian Storey, Safety and Compliance manager

Julian is a Class Rating Instructor and enjoys sharing his experience and huge enthusiasm for aviation with our members.
Amongst other things, he is available for cross channel check outs and as a safety pilot for members wishing to expand their horizons and undertake longer, more ambitious trips.
He works as a freelance corporate pilot, flying Learjets, Citation Jets and King Airs. He also delivers aircraft literally all around the world as an aircraft delivery / ferry pilot and has numerous transatlantic crossings in aircraft ranging from single engine Cessnas through to piston twins, turbo props and light jets.
In his spare time he enjoys pursuing his favourite activity - which is seaplane flying.
Daniel Cash

Dan is experienced airlines pilot jetting passengers all across the world. When not at the controls at his A320 or 787 he is transferring his skills and experience onto the future pilots.
Toby Granger, instructor

Toby has many years of working as instructor. For a while he worked as commercial pilot for Susi Air in Indonesia, before returning back home to continue his flying career in England. His guidance and impact on the school and the students is highly appreciated.
Recently Toby has also qualified as MEP and IR instructor.
Daniel Barclay, instructor

Daniel joined the team after qualifying as Flight Instructor with Stars Fly and he is very much respected by his students for his robust and thorough instruction. When he is not working with our customers he jetting passengers as part of the BA City Flyer team.
Kathan Dudhela, LAPL instructor and examiner

When Kathan became flight instructor at the age of 18 he was the youngest instructor in the UK. Despite his young age, Kathan has wealth of experience teaching his students, passing his enthusiasm for flying onto the next pilot generation. Kathan also participated in few aircraft ferry operations across the world.
Mashuk Choudhury, instructor

Mashuk joined the team back in 2022 after qualifying as instructor with Stars Fly. Before becoming instructor Mashuk was involved with Introduction to Flying flights and has gained solid customer experience which enabled him to quickly adjust to the instructional task. His students appreciate Mashuk's dedication and patience when teaching the flying skills.
Seamus Fogarty, instructor

Seamus joined the team in 2022 after qualifying as an Instructor with Stars Fly. His aspiration is to gain his MEP/IR instructor rating and to one day fly Warbirds. Until then, he is helping us educate future Pilots and is liked by his students for his methodical teaching and dedication.
Simon Posner, instructor

Simon is the most recent team member to join Stars Fly as instructor. Previously he has been helping with Introduction to Flying flights and has gained very positive feedback from his customers. He is well set to pass his experience onto the next generation of pilots.
Ivan Sidarau, instructor

Ivan recently qualified as CRI for SEP aircraft. His aspiration is to progress towards becoming full flight instructor and is already looking forward to helping out his future students achieve their dreams.