Trial Lesson

Introduction to Flying for aspiring pilots

Ever dreamed about becoming a pilot? If so, why not take to the air in one of our modern airplanes, with one of our experienced pilots?

There is no better way to help you decide whether to become a pilot or not. You will be given all the high quality guidance, support and advice you would expect from a top class flying school.

After your flight, you will be presented with a certificate to commemorate the occasion.

Introduction to Flying for adventurers

Even if you can't see yourself ever wanting to be a fully qualified pilot, there is nothing to beat the excitement of taking off to the sky during an introductory flight in one of our modern, well equipped aircraft. Our very experienced pilots will demonstrate the principles of flying.

After your flight, you will be presented with a certificate to commemorate the occasion.

Introduction to Flying - Double Landaway

How about flying to one of the nearby airfield for landaway.
This will give you the opportunity to explore what qualified pilots use their licences for and may even tempt you to consider becoming a pilot yourself...
You and one of your friends will climb into one of our modern, well maintained aircraft, fly around the local area and land to a nearby airfield for a cup of coffee or tea, brief chat, before returning.
The total flying time will last approximately one hour.

After your flight, both of you will be presented with a certificates to commemorate the occasion.

The Pilot Experience: Insight into becoming a pilot for one (Introduction to Flying)

Ever wondered what it takes to become a private or commercial pilot? Ever given a thought about the workings of a typical small airfield?
Why not come and visit us at the Elstree Airfield for an action and information packed half a day? You can even bring your partner or a friend along with you.

The journey will start with a flight briefing by our experienced flight instructors. Once you ‘know how to fly an airplane', it will be time to put into practice your newly acquired knowledge in a real, 2-seat light airplane, under close supervision of your pilot instructor. During this training flight you will have the chance to handle the airplane controls and experience the freedom of the sky as never before - for approximately 30 minutes. All too soon you will again be on the ground, where a talk will be organized, to give you a better understanding of what it takes and all the steps needed to realize your dream. An extensive tour around the airfield and a visit to the control tower may also be organised (if they are not too busy). At the end of the journey you will have thorough debrief and you will be issued with a ‘Flight Certificate’ to commemorate your experience. Should you ever wish to continue and realize your dream of becoming a pilot, we will be with you along the way, guiding you and assisting you towards the issue of a Private Pilot's Licence.

Pilot experience for two: Introduction to Flying

Why not upgrade to a 4-seat plane, so that your partner or friend could share your experience? We could even organize landing at another airfield and both of you will have the chance to take the pilot's seat on each leg of your journey.

Note (i)

Friends and family accompanying you on a trial flying lesson are required to become temporary flying club members (there is no charge for this).

Note (ii)

All aircraft have weight and balance limitations and these would need to be discussed with our instructor before confirming that your chosen friends or family members were able to join you on your trial lesson.

Note (iii)

The vouchers are non-refundable and have expiry date of 6 months from the date of purchase.

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